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invisible doors

invisible doors

Hidden interior doors SARA INVISIBLE for painting is a modern design solution and a great way to visually increase the space in the room by installing it in the same plane with the wall without architraves. An invisible effect is achieved by finishing the surface of the door and walls in the same st..
from 399.00€
Ex Tax:from 329.75€
SARA REVERS are interior hinged doors that open inwards.The reverse opening system (from oneself) allows you to install the doors flush with the outer wall, and open them inside the room.The door leaf is installed flush with the wall with a hidden door frame.EQUIPMENT:Internal junction box (aluminum..
from 399.00€
Ex Tax:from 329.75€
Hidden painted INVISIBLE Black Edition door on a black aluminum frame is a great way to visually increase the space in the room by installing the frame in the same plane with the wall.The effect of an invisible door is achieved by finishing the box and canvas in the same style as the wall. Supplied ..
from 575.00€
Ex Tax:from 475.21€
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A novelty in the world of doors - "Hidden door" at an affordable price.

The hidden door is installed flush with the wall, in a box without platbands, creating the impression that there is an invisible door in front of you.

Doors can be of any size, height up to the ceiling.

Used with hidden aluminum box or monobloc box.

Aluminum leaf (frame) 40/51 mm

Filling: foam, the frame is reinforced with a transverse profile for increased strength of the canvas structure

(glass inserts can be replaced with different types of glass, mirrors, paintable, eco-veneer and enamel)

It is possible to manufacture non-standard sizes, both up and down (maximum width 1800, maximum height 3000)

Door leaf with pre-cut holes for KUBIKA 2700 hinges and AGB Polaris lock

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