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Glass hidden doors

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Stylish coating of the door surface
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About glass hidden doors

Transform your home with our glass doors that combine modern design, functionality and aesthetics. Find out why glass doors are the perfect solution for your interior.


The play of light: Glass doors allow light to play in the room, creating a feeling of spaciousness and light. This is especially important for rooms with limited natural light.

Visual enlargement of space: Thanks to the glass finish, glass doors give the impression of more space and make a room feel more open and welcoming.

Style and aesthetics: Our glass doors are available in various styles and designs, from minimalist to elegant, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your interior and preferences.


Concealed installation: This type of door is integrated into the wall, creating a seamless space and giving the interior a modern and refined look.

Variety of styles and types of glass: We offer various options for glass doors, including transparent, frosted, tinted, and even decorative glass with patterns or engraving.


We guarantee high quality of our glass doors at affordable prices. Our experienced specialists will help you choose the perfect solution for your home, taking into account your needs and preferences.

We are also pleased to offer you a wide range of colors for door frames, working with the RAL and NCS color palettes, so that your door becomes not only a functional element but also a stylish accent in your interior.


Mirrored hidden doors
Mirrored hidden doors
Mirrored hidden doors
combining with various design concepts, they add an exquisite and modern style to the interior
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Glass hidden doors
Glass hidden doors
Glass hidden doors
colouring of the glass door leaf is possible according to RAL and NCS palettes
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Primed hidden doors ready for painting
Primed hidden doors ready for painting
Primed hidden doors
doors that have undergone a high-quality priming process and are ready for painting
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Invisible doors with architectural interior film coating
Invisible doors with architectural interior film coating
Invisible doors with architectural coating
Concealed doors with an architectural finish of interior film
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Our philosophy

We offer doors of exceptional quality in minimalist designs that reflect our company philosophy. Our goal is not only to create doors, but also to leave a lasting impression of quality, aesthetics and functionality in every project we realize.
Extensive experience in door manufacturing, craftsmanship and quality at every stage of production.

The interior doors we offer are the result of craftsmanship and innovation, produced by a manufacturing facility that ensures the highest standard of quality.
We offer comprehensive consultations for the bespoke crafting of interior doors, encompassing material selection, design, and functional features.

Our experts are ready to assist in bringing your ideas to life in doors that align with your requirements and preferences.
Office / Warehouse
Rušonu Street 28, Rīga, Latvia - here, you can personally receive expert advice on interior doors, explore samples, and easily place an order.

We are always delighted to assist you in creating the perfect doors for your space.
2 year warranty
We are confident in the quality of our doors and provide you with a two-year warranty on our offered products.

This ensures your protection and confidence in the long-term reliability of the products acquired from our company.

We are offering

Our doors are not just a functional element, but a work of art. Our team of professionals is ready to turn your dreams into reality, selecting materials, colors and details so that each door becomes not just a functional element, but a real accent in your space.

Your ideas - our solutions!

Minimalistic design

A design that reflects modern aesthetics. Interior doors are not overloaded with decoration, smooth or with subtle decorative elements, keeping simplicity and functionality.

Individual design

We realize bold design solutions. Your door can be unique, because it will be made according to your preferences!

Non-standard products

Bespoke products always inspire our team. We are ready to realize your design solutions.

How do I place an order?

With these four steps, we provide a simple and straightforward process for ordering an interior concealed door - from selection to installation.

It's just 4 steps to your door!

Door selection
Door selection
1.1. Assortment Exploration: The customer selects a door by exploring the catalog or online.

1.2. Frame Measurement: Measurement by the customer, consultation, or a specialist visit for accuracy.

1.3. Consultation: Discussion of details and options with our experts.

1.4. Option Selection: Determining color, hardware, and other parameters.
Ordering and payment
Ordering and payment
2.1. Order Placement and Confirmation: After the final selection, the customer places an order through our website, over the phone, or in-person at the office.

2.2. Payment: Payment according to the terms - either an advance payment or the full amount.

2.3. Confirmation: Confirmation of the order and clarification of details.
Manufacturing and delivery
Manufacturing and delivery
3.1. Manufacturing: The door manufacturing process begins, taking into account all the selected parameters.

3.2. Readiness Notification: After production is complete, the customer receives a notification of the door's readiness, including the date and time of delivery.

3.3. Delivery: The door is delivered to the specified address. The customer can inspect the integrity of the product upon receipt.
Installing and finalizing
Installing and finalizing
4.1. Installation Coordination: Coordination of the installation date and time with our installation service.

4.2. Installation: Our specialists perform the door installation, ensuring its proper functioning.

4.3. Inspection and Handover: Upon completion of the installation, the specialist checks the door's operation, demonstrates its functionality, and provides the customer with necessary operating instructions.


We are pleased to welcome you to our virtual gallery, showcasing not only our work, but also inspiring ideas that we can bring to life for you. We invite you to browse through our portfolio, where each door is a unique masterpiece, created with a love for details and a commitment to perfect design.

Allow your creativity to flourish!

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