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Door handle Tupai ICE 4003 RT

Door handle Tupai ICE 4003 RT
Door handle Tupai ICE 4003 RT
Door handle Tupai ICE 4003 RT
Door handle Tupai ICE 4003 RT
Door handle Tupai ICE 4003 RT
Door handle Tupai ICE 4003 RT
Door handle Tupai ICE 4003 RT
Door handle Tupai ICE 4003 RT
The prestigious ICE line of the manufacturer of interior door handles TUPAI.
Models of the TUPAI ICE collection were inspired by the natural architecture of nature (glaciers). To achieve the highest quality products, the brass used for door handles is pressed by hot forging and laser cutting. Each handle is sanded and ironed by hand. Electrophoretic varnishing provides a rich color and a smooth structure of the coating. The quality and durability of the final product is verified by salt spray testing. The handles of the ICE collection are equipped with a patented rosette door handle mechanism with double metal self-adjusting springs.
The socket cover is pressed down, making the door handle look very aesthetically pleasing. TUPAI products are distinguished by the durable metal construction of the internal adapters.
Handles are designed for door leaves with a thickness of 38-44 mm. The mechanism is reinforced with double metal self-aligning springs. Handles with metal rectangular rosettes 11 mm thick. Long and comfortable use is guaranteed with each set of handles with the TUPAI logo!

The kit includes:
  • a pair of handles - left and right; together with handle sockets 11 mm thick;
  • 2 pcs. mounting sockets (so-called mounting adapters);
  • handlebar diameter 8x8mm; 2 screws M4 with a through hole;
  • 2 hex head screws and 3mm hex wrench;
  • Assembly guide.
If your door leaf will be thicker than 44mm, you will need a thicker door installation kit, leave important information in the order notes, including the thickness of the door leaf. Then the mounting kit will be adapted to your needs.
Door handle Tupai ICE 4003 RT
Ex Tax: 171.07€
  • Availability: Lead time of the order from 10 to 14 working days
  • Model: Tupai ICE 4003 RT

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