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Door handle AH1032-78

Door handle AH1032-78
Door handle AH1032-78
Door handle AH1032-78
Door handle AH1032-78
Door handle ARCHIE AH1032-78(matt chrome)
Top class production.

As one of the world leaders in its field, ARCHIE also pays great attention to the quality of its products. All products are tested using the most advanced methods. The quality of the surface coating is checked chemically, and mechanical strength tests are also carried out.

ARCHIE uses its own patented metal alloy in its production. It contains zinc, aluminium, copper and magnesium. This alloy is similar in structure to brass, but has some advantages: it does not oxidize in air, the casting and plating process is simpler, as a result of which the service life of the coating is extended. In 2004, the company introduced electrophoretic coating technology with ultrasonic pretreatment. This technology is similar to PVD coating technology. The use of these modern technologies and the latest materials in the finishing of metal surfaces allows ARCHIE to obtain particularly wear-resistant products.
Door handle AH1032-78
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Door knob =29.00€ Door knob =29.00€
WC Covers for the bathroom =18.00€ WC Covers for the bathroom =18.00€
PZ lining for cylinder =11.00€ PZ lining for cylinder =11.00€
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