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Interior Door LEJA GRAY OAK with Glass

Interior Door LEJA GRAY OAK with Glass
Hardware color: Matte chrome
Door type: Wooden doors with MDF inserts, prefabricated construction
Hinges: Universal hinges
Lock: Mod. 2014 (other by choice)
Blade dimensions: 600 / 700 / 800 / 900 mm x 2000 mm
Dimensions with box: 660 / 760 / 860 / 960 mm x 2040 mm

Upgrade your interior with our stylish wooden doors adorned with high-quality MDF panels. Each door is meticulously coated with an innovative eco-friendly coating that not only recreates the beautiful texture of natural wood but also offers enhanced protection. Our eco-coating provides excellent resistance to moisture and everyday scratches while maintaining the natural look and beauty of the wood surface.

The door construction is designed for convenience and practicality – it can be easily dismantled if necessary. Each set includes not only the door leaf but also the door frame, universal hinges, and a lock for the handle, ensuring complete readiness for installation.

Please note: door overlays and handles are sold separately, allowing you to choose the perfect accessories to match your taste and interior design.

By choosing our doors, you opt for not just aesthetics and quality, but also durability and eco-friendliness. Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of natural wood and aim to create a cozy and stylish space in their home or office.
Interior Door LEJA GRAY OAK with Glass
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Available Options

Size of door with framePriceAvailable QuantityInfoQty:
«60» — 660×2040 mm =160.00€
«70» — 760×2040 mm =160.00€
«80» — 860×2040 mm =160.00€
«90» — 960×2040 mm =160.00€
Plinth platesPriceAvailable QuantityInfoQty:
Platbands on one side (2.5 pcs.) =25.00€
Door frame extenderPriceAvailable QuantityInfoQty:
10 х 100 х 2070 mm (2.5 pcs.) =40.00€
10 x 200 x 2070 mm (2,5 pcs.) =75.00€
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