The appearance and characteristics of a wooden door largely depend on what kind of wood was used for production. Today, certain species are in demand, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages.


The most affordable and popular wood. The array has a beautiful texture, light weight, easy to process, and to emphasize the beauty of the pattern, it is enough to cover it with a transparent varnish. The strength of the tree is average, therefore, with careless handling of the door, dents, chips, and scratches of the canvas are possible. 

Pine is loose, and therefore hygroscopic (not suitable for the bathroom). The durability of a pine door is small when compared with oak or beech. But quite high when compared with chipboard. In a word, this is a budget option for those who are looking for solid wood doors, with the corresponding pluses and minuses.


Doors from solid alder are classified as medium price category. This is a durable, moisture-resistant wood species, with a beautiful pattern and noble appearance, especially after toning. Alder tolerates changes in temperature and humidity (suitable for a bathroom), is durable. 

But it is capricious in care (does not tolerate abrasive cleaning), it does not withstand long-term high temperatures. Therefore, installing radiators next to an alder door is a bad idea.


A more affordable alternative to oak. Beech looks no less beautiful, is highly durable and has a long service life. But it is more hygroscopic, does not tolerate changes in humidity and dry air, and needs special care.


Ash solid wood is beautiful, durable and resistant to moisture. A solid appearance, a beautiful natural pattern, relatively light weight and unpretentiousness - ash has enough advantages to consider it one of the best materials for the manufacture of interior doors. But there is also a drawback - a rather high price.


Any oak product looks solid and noble. This is a beautiful wood with a spectacular texture, its service life is measured in decades. Oak is durable, not afraid of moisture, insects, mold and fungus do not start in it. The oak door is versatile and beautiful. 

But it has two drawbacks: heavy weight and high cost. So that, for beauty, prestige and durability, you need to pay the appropriate price.