How to choose doors?
Doing repairs and thinking about how to choose the right doors? The choice of doors is an important and responsible decision. In this article, we will look at how to do this.

Where should I start?

First, it's important decide on the design. Nowadays, you can find doors for every taste and color. When choosing doors, you should focus on the style of the interior, as well as take into account the room in which they will be installed. So, for example, doors for the living room should let in a lot of light, and doors for the bedroom or nursery should provide soundproofing and security. In the bathroom and toilet, you need to choose doors made of moisture-resistant materials.

How to think about the color of the doors?

When choosing a color, you should focus on the style of the interior. If the design of rooms in an apartment or house is different, then doors in the same style will help make the interior more harmonious. Light doors are more suitable for small rooms, and dark ones will give the interior rigor and conciseness. Doors can also be combined in color with walls, skirting boards, furniture, stairs and decorative elements. Doors of white and cream shades are considered universal. Here, however, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the doors harmoniously fit into the interior. It is better to combine no more than three colors and shades in one room. Cold shades are combined with cold ones, and warm shades are combined with warm ones.

What are the door materials?

Material of manufacture also affects the appearance and quality. Doors are:
  • combined (from several materials);
  • from natural solid wood.
Solid products are considered the best in quality however they are more expensive. The most affordable are pine products. However, such doors do not tolerate intensive use and mechanical stress. Oak and ash doors are durable and strong, but will cost more. Solid wood products are not recommended to be installed in the bathroom, because. they do not tolerate contact with moisture.
  • Veneer, eco-veneer, glass and laminate are popular among combined materials.
  • Veneer doors are moisture resistant, resistant and more affordable.
  • Eco-veneer doors are less durable, but have the same advantages.
  • Laminated doors are stable and unpretentious in care, but not environmentally friendly, so it is not recommended to install them in a nursery.
  • Glass doors are durable and let in light, but get dirty quickly.

What else is important when choosing doors?

Next, in addition to design, it is important to consider the budget, and build on it when choosing doors. It is worth noting that strong savings on doors can lead to additional costs in the future. It is important to find good doors in terms of price and quality.
Reliability, safety, comfort and ease of maintenance - these are the characteristics that a quality door should have. When choosing a door, it is important to carefully consider it for visible defects, as well as a strong chemical smell, which is an indicator of poor varnish.

Summing up, here are the main points when choosing doors - appearance, strength and cost.