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27 Mar Production of interior doors, wall panels and skirting boards | 0 1412
Production of interior doors, wall panels and skirting boards to order. High-quality interior doors, perfectly matched plinth, as well as a variety of functional decorative elements, such as stylish wall panels - all this is a guarantee of comfort and a great opportunity for space zoning.It is rathe..
02 Sep Invitation to cooperation | 0 731
Invitation to cooperation for interior designers, architects and construction companies.Our company engaged in the implementation of interior doors invites builders and designers to cooperate, which is guaranteed to be mutually beneficial. We have a wide range of models that differ from each other i..
02 Sep How to choose doors? | 0 719
How to choose doors? Doing repairs and thinking about how to choose the right doors? The choice of doors is an important and responsible decision. In this article, we will look at how to do this.Where should I start?First, it's important decide on the design. Nowadays, you can find doors for every t..
02 Sep Invitation to cooperation Copy Copy | 0 1355
The appearance and characteristics of a wooden door largely depend on what kind of wood was used for production. Today, certain species are in demand, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages.PineThe most affordable and popular wood. The array has a beautiful texture, light weight, e..
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