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Painted doors

Brand: LOZA Model: LINE D27
275.00€ Ex Tax:227.27€
Brand: LOZA Model: LINE D28
Krāsotas durvis Emalja balta Line D28Faktiskā durvju krāsa var atšķirties no bildesKomplektā ietilpst:Vērtne (600, 700, 800, 900mm x 2000mm)Kārba ar blīvgumijuEņģesSlēdzeneFrēzējums priekš furnitūras vērtnē un kārbāPapildus elementi:AplodasFurnitūra (rokturi, WC aizbīdņi, cilindri ar atslēgu)Kārbas ..
275.00€ Ex Tax:227.27€
Interior door  STYLE 1 Interior door  STYLE 1
New 2-3 days
Brand: JeldWen Model: STYLE 1
Light profile door Clever-line Style is an affordable and presentable standard interior door. The design of the doors imitates profile doors made of solid Craft wood. The design of the door leaves creates a classic atmosphere at home.The door set includes:-canvas-box-two loops- lock ABLOY 2014Dimens..
159.00€ Ex Tax:131.41€
Brand: JeldWen Model: STABLE
Durvju bloka rāmis izgatavots no priedes masīvkoka. Durvju virsmas apdare – HDF. AprakstsPriedes karkassRorskaidu pildījumsApdare - HDFKoka kārbaVērtne ar pārfalciKrāsa - balta Durvju bloka komplektā ietilpst: vērtne kārba divas eņģes slēdzene 2014 ABLOY   Durvju vērtnes ..
197.50€ Ex Tax:163.22€
Brand: LOZA Model: Standart D27
255.00€ Ex Tax:210.74€
Interior door VILA 1 Grey
2-3 days
Brand: VI-LARIO Model: VILA 1 grey
219.00€ Ex Tax:180.99€
Interior door VILA 14 Grey
2-3 days
Brand: VI-LARIO Model: VILA 14 grey
235.00€ Ex Tax:194.21€
248.00€ Ex Tax:204.96€
Interior door ALFINO White Interior door ALFINO White
In stock
Brand: ЮНИ Model: ALFINO DG
237.50€ Ex Tax:196.28€
BERGAMO-4 RAL7022 with Hidden Hinges BERGAMO-4 RAL7022 with Hidden Hinges
2-3 days
Interior veneered doors BERGAMO-4  with hidden hingesSizes of door leaf:- height: 2000 mm;- width: 600, 700, 800, 900 mm;- thickness: 40 mm.Veneered door "Bergamo-4" - a stylish solution for the interior, decorated in a modern style. Design with simple lines in the spirit of minimalism makes th..
322.00€ Ex Tax:266.12€
NORD-1  with Hidden Hinges NORD-1  with Hidden Hinges
2-3 days
Door carcass: spliced solid pine + MDF 6 mm thick + oak veneermilling (MDF)For an office, apartment and cottage an excellent addition would be the doors veneered interior production Belarus. Each Nord-1 door is made of durable material and finished with veneer. It has wear resistance in relation to ..
348.00€ Ex Tax:287.60€
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