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Acoustics 2

Acoustics 2
Acoustics 2
6-8 weeks
Acoustics 2
Acoustics 2
Acoustics 2
  • Stock: 6-8 weeks
  • Brand: STALLER
  • Model: Acoustics 2
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860х2060mm 739.31€
960х2060mm 739.31€

Entrance metal door / apartment to the house Acoustics 2

Exterior finish: MDF moisture resistant 16mm, fig. YUR-21, TSBR 7021 enamel (gray) + Lacobel black

Finishing inside: MDF moisture resistant 16mm, fig. YUR-23, enamel RAL 9003 (white)

Metal thickness: 1.5 mm - box, 1.2 mm - canvas

Box cover color: moire black

Insulation: mineral wool KNAUF

Sealant: 3 contours of consolidation (cloth 2 contours E, box 1 contour Schlegel)

Options: molding, gapless

Platband: straight

Upper lock: Kale 257L, Grade 3

Lower lock: Kale 252R, Grade 4, DEF armor plate, Dorma cylinder chrome.

Handle: TOR (black, square) Gate valve: yes (black) Eye: no.

Dimensions: 860x2050 mm, 960x2050 mm.

TOR hardware kit (black, square base)

Suitable for outdoor installation.

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